Company Profile

AMS Careers Pte Ltd is a manpower recruitment company that is driven towards the efficient harnessing of human talent and skills. With our trained expertise and vast network, we have been able to meet the demands of many of our clients, both locally and overseas.

We have experienced personnel who are thoroughly familiar with the manpower recruitment business, from the initial stage of assessing our clients’ manpower requirements right till after the completion of the workers’ employment contract(s).

We value quality service and integrity above all else and ensure that our performance serves the needs of all parties – our clients, the workers, as well as the industry players. Our company staff is imbued with the belief that actions speak louder than words and every member of the team needs to be disciplined, principled, and show care for all our stakeholders. We believe that work ethos plays an integral part in governing our quality of work.

Our Vision

To be equally competent in serving our clients, whilst providing employment opportunities to workers, in an environment that encourages safety, mutual support, and care.

Our vision is to see human resources integrate with the commerce industry in every aspect imaginable. With AMS, we have reformulated the very concept of the human resource itself. We bring the human touch to human resource.

Our Mission

We aim to propel our organization to greater heights in a dynamic environment that is constantly updated on the needs of our clients and to work with all parties in ensuring that the quality of workers we provide is of an excellent standard.


AMS has overseas corporate offices in Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Kuwait, and Qatar. We are in constant touch with the ever-changing needs of various economies around the world and have been diligent in training skilled and semi-skilled workers to serve the growing needs of our clients.

AMS has an extensive network that comprises our training centre in Bangladesh and India as well as our overseas recruitment office in Doha, Qatar. These are our strategic platforms that support each other in delivering a sterling service that we aspire towards.


Spg 88, Bangunan Han May Yong, Block A, Kampung Kuilap 1st Floor, Unit A5


PO Box: 73475 Sharg, Al Khaleejia Complex


86-02 Jalan Sierra Perdana
4/1, Taman Siera Perdana,
81750 Masai, Johor


PO Box: 37675 Doha

Our Recruitment Company in the Middle East – Bright Asia General Trading WLL (BAM)

BAM is located in Kuwait. It is the expansion project of AMS Careers Pte. Ltd. that aims to provide services and solutions for the HR-related needs of small, medium, and large enterprises and organizations. It caters to the manpower needs of various countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Libya. It provides services and solutions for Human Resource Management.

Giving back

AMS Groups business is only as strong and sustainable as the communities it serves.

Even though we can’t help everyone, we always focus on our foreign employee’s families and their extended family back home. We extend our services to their villages as we believe strongly in keeping them worry free of what is happening back home.

In Singapore, we have donated mask and food to various establishments during this Covid 19 period. Our pledge for Covid 19 is “We are in this together”