Our people are highly sought after as we provide cutting edge skilled manpower to our client in the form of trained individuals. When it comes to supplying such individuals, we have to keep a lot of factors into consideration. We focus on the workers’ adaptability to their work environments. As such we not only satisfy the client’s requirements, but also the client’s workplace environment, work culture, and protocols. After making a snapshot and summary of the workplace constants, we match it with the pre-made profile of our trained and skilled knowledge workers Each worker is then briefed and screened for compatibility with the clients.

Training & Testing Process

We conduct rigorous training at our affiliated training centres to ensure that the workers attain the necessary skills and competencies to apply them once they are emplaced with our clients.

Workers who are semi-skilled undergo a minimum of 3 months of intensive training in their relevant skills to be qualified before being placed for work.

We also conduct safety orientation briefings on the different job environments as well as induct them on the basic laws and regulations of different countries.

Upon confirmation from our client on the specific requirements and skills of workers to be tested we provide testing facilities and materials. We ensure safety measures are adhered to during the testing period. We also provide administrative support during and after testing.

Key Trades

Welders (all grades)
Pipe/Steel/Mechanical Fitters
Labourers (helper)
Rigger & Signalman
Blasting & Painting workers
Civil workers (Mason / Plasterer / Carpenter / Rebar)
Drivers (truck, folk lift, scissors lift, boom lift, excavator, wheel loader)
Supervisors (lifting, piping, welding, mechanical, civil, scaffolding)


All selected candidates undergo a medical check-up in their country of origin. Those certified as medically fit will then undergo local and overseas government documentation processes before being placed to work at a client’s job locations.

Continued Support

In providing the best for our clients, our services extend beyond just providing manpower. To ensure that our clients are satisfied with the manpower and services, we also provide dedicated support to ensure the smooth flow of communication and work between employers and employees. Upon the client’s request, we also render assistance in mediating or advising workers to fulfill the client’s needs.